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Halloumi joins Waitrose essential list

13 September 2017 Latest News

Halloumi joins Waitrose essential list

One of Britain’s largest chain supermarkets, Waitrose, has placed halloumi cheese on its ‘essential’ list, it emerged on Wednesday.  

 Over 300 items have been added to the Waitrose essential range since its launch in 2009 to now include items such as tortilla bread and Cypriot halloumi.

 ‘Our changing tastes have in part been shaped by cuisines which have become popular since the essential range was launched, with Mexican, Middle Eastern and Greek foods now firmly in the mainstream,’ a Waitrose spokesman said.  

 Other essential range items include green pitted olives, houmous, coconut milk, baby avocados, blueberries and cappuccino mouse.  

 “From chamomile soap and baby avocados, to our latest additions to the range – quark and pickled beetroot – consumer tastes are much broader now, and this is reflected in the array of products which are now ‘essential’,” Waitrose said. 

 The essential range generates sales of more than £1billion a year and is set to be the focus of a new advertising campaign by Waitrose. 

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Source: Cyprus Mail Latest News