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Waynes World celebration headbang

10 July 2017 RockFM Movies

Waynes World Celebration

Over 1,000 Wayne’s World fans have teamed up for a synchronised head banging session to celebrate the film’s 25th anniversary.

A huge crowd in Illnois gathered with an orchestra to mark the occasion with a full on mosh to ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, similar to the scene when Wayne (Mike Myers) and his pals mosh to the Queen classic in their car.

The cult comedy was released in 1992 and featured cameos from Alice Cooper, Meat Loaf and Terminator 2 actor Robert Patrick.

Cooper recently spoke out about his legendary Wayne’s World “we’re not worthy” scene.

The scene sees Wayne and Garth (Dana Carvey) meeting Cooper backstage.

When he asks them to “hang out” the pair bow to their knees and say: “We’re not worthy, we’re not worthy, we’re scum”.

“I think we did it in two takes,” Cooper reflected. “They [Myers and Carvey] were doing everything they could to get me to break up. But they didn’t realise my iron will, so I went right through that dialogue and I think I surprised them.

“But if you would have seen the outtakes of ‘We’re not worthy, we’re scum,’ it goes on for like five or six minutes. And it just gets vile. Whoever owns those outtakes owns a little treasure.”