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Courtney Love reveals her favourite Nirvana songs

8 May 2017 Music News

The widow of the iconic band’s late frontman Kurt Cobain took to Instagram Live yesterday (May 7) to interact with her fans

Courtney Love revealed her favourite Nirvana songs during an Instagram Live session last night (May 7).

Love, who is the widow of the iconic band’s frontman Kurt Cobain, has regularly utilised the social media platform’s live-streaming service to interact with her fans, often taking part in Q&A sessions with her followers. Last night’s session even drew an audience from American Horror Story actress Sarah Paulson, who lauded Love as “a true genius” in a comment.

While a recording of the live stream doesn’t appear to available online, Love did respond to a number of fan questions from those who tuned into the stream at around 9pm last night. One viewer asked the former Hole frontwoman to name her favourite Nirvana songs, with Love firstly choosing ‘Heart-Shaped Box’ (from 1993’s ‘In Utero’) – a song that she once told Lana Del Rey was about “my vagina.”

Love also revealed that the Nirvana songs ‘Serve The Servants’ (‘In Utero”s opening track), ‘Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle’ (‘In Utero’) and ‘In Bloom’ (from 1991’s ‘Nevermind’) also ranked high in her estimation.

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