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Trout with Horseradish Sauce.

7 September 2016 Rocking Recipes

Happy Autumn everyone! Sunset Breeze brings you a new menu with some exciting dishes, such as the next one: Trout with Horseradish Sauce.

We chose this dish on our new menu because in the Troodos Mountains there is a lovely Trout Farm and locally sourced food is the best. We want to show you how it’s done in case you would like to surprise your loved one with a classy looking dish, which is not difficult to do at all.


2 Trouts 400-500g each – ask your fishmonger to remove the spine, but leave the head on, as it will give flavour to the dish

Knob of butter

Cream – 100ml

Horseradish Sauce – from the jar

Parsley – chopped

Salt & Pepper to Taste

Basmati Rice – Steamed

Roast Veggies – to your liking


1. Take a Pan heat up the butter, add the horseradish cream, the cream and parsley and let them simmer.

2. Add the Trout to the pan and cover. Let it simmer until cooked through.

We believe the Trout goes best with Basmati Rice and some Roast Veggies, to soak up all the flavours in the sauce. Bon Appetit! It is that easy and good!