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11 healthy pancake recipes to celebrate Shrove Tuesday

8 February 2016 Latest News

11 healthy pancake recipes to celebrate Shrove Tuesday

So by some luck (and maybe miraculous willpower) you have managed to stick to healthy eating as part of your new year’s resolution.

And you’re lusting for pancakes but you want something more than just the same-old lemon, sugar and white flour.

Here’s some good news! Pancakes don’t have to be filled with sugar, chocolate and tons of saturated fat to make them tasty treats… and here are a few healthy-eating recipes from Pinterest you can enjoy without worrying about your waistline.

1. Whole wheat banana flax pancakes


Who says pancakes are all about white flour, lemon and sugar? This whole wheat version packs a tasty punch and even has a healthy dose of ground flaxseed. Recipe here.

2. Vegan blueberry oatmeal pancakes


This recipe uses spelt flour and cooks on low-to-medium heat for deliciously fluffy results. Recipe here.

3. The ultimate healthy buttermilk pancakes


This recipe uses buttermilk – which reacts with baking soda and baking powder to produce light-as-air pancakes.

4. Vegan green tea pancakes


This gluten-free recipe uses matcha powder for green tea flavour and you can whip up 8-10 medium pancakes in just 25 minutes.

5. Apple, cinnamon and vegan protein pancakes


Nutritious, delicious and comes with 19 grams of protein. Who can say no to these? Recipe here.

6. Fluffy coconut flour pancakes


Coconut is the ingredient of the moment so these pancakes will certainly please your guests. And it takes only 15 minutes to make. Recipe here.

7. Pumpkin chia pancakes


Who says pumpkin-related foods are best saved for Halloween? This recipe promises scrumptious fluffy pancakes and comes with a vegan option. Yum.

8. Green smoothie pancakes with macerated blueberries


If you’re looking for something that’s “gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free and refined sugar-free”, this spinach-based pancake recipe will be right up your street.

9. Skinny chocolate banana oatmeal pancakes


This recipe involves a scoop of chocolate protein powder and makes 8-10 pancakes. Recipe here.

10. Vegan banana pancakes


These delicious-looking pancakes are packed with protein and high in potassium and fibre. Recipe here.

11. Whole wheat oatmeal pancakes


Made using Greek yoghurt, oats and whole wheat flour (and not much else!), this takes only 25 minutes to make. Recipe here.

Source: Cyprus Reporter Latest News